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Create Quick and Easy Area-Rug-Based Remodels with Nourison Area Rugs

And we don’t only mean the ambiance; area rugs can change the literal feel of a room by adding not only depth and dimension, but also yummy textures to pamper your toes or cuddle you while you’re down on the floor to watch a movie or play a game. Quality area rugs even add sound insulation, an important consideration in a room used for entertainment.

Need something to pull your room together? Try area rugs

Are you looking for something to provide the central theme or establish a color palette for your room? According to a recent article in the Shoreline Times from professional residential and commercial design consultant Janice Serendi, area rugs can do that. Whether it is the only splash of color or the most vibrant one, or its pattern is the most interesting aspect of the room, an area rug can absolutely work as the room’s focal point, just as a fireplace or a piece of artwork can.


Three Trends in Contemporary Area Rug Design

In keeping with the striking geometric patterns used, many contemporary area rugs are designed in bright, bold color palettes. Striking hues of blue, red, green, yellow and orange, along with their muted counterparts of rust, coral, forest green andmidnight blue are popular color choices for many contemporary area rugs.

Get your Style on with Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx Rugs come in so many different patterns, colors and styles that make it possible for you to set the mood in any room. Whether you prefer traditionally-styled rugs or the latest trends in modern design, Sphinx rugs offer a wide selection to match any color scheme you can imagine.

Loloi Rugs: An Award-Winning Choice

Each rug masterpiece is created using a variety of construction techniques such as: hand-knotting, hand-tufted, hand-hooked, flat-weave and machine-made. These rugs also come in a wide range of fiber-types, from the more expensive fibers such as wool to the lesser expensive man-made fibers such as polyester and polypropylene.