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Karastan Wool Rugs

Karastan Wool Rug

Wool Area Rugs for Sale: The Best Pick for Any Home

If you have moved into a home with wood floors, or if you have just installed them throughout your home, then adding area rugs to your home is a great way to create warmth and comfort. Although wood floors are extremely beautiful to have in a home, you will still want the warmth that area rugs can provide.They add to the decor of the room but do not overtake it and allow your beautiful floors to show as well.


Karastan Rugs: 85 Years of Quality and Style

Since their inception in 1928, Karastan Rugs have upheld a reputation for both quality and style. When considering room accents, area rugs add aesthetic appeal and a glimpse into the unique styling of the home. When choosing a rug, it is important to consider your personal needs such as what the area is used for, what materials will work best, and color or design pattern.