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Spring Sale Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Think Spring! Outdoor Area Rugs To Fit Any Style

. Outdoor area rugs are offered in as many pattern styles you can imagine. If you are going for a less traditional look and perhaps don’t want to have a lot going on on the floor, choose a design that’s simple and yet not boring like a tiled pattern by Liora Manne.

Liora Manne Area Rugs

Buying Liora Manne Contemporary Area Rugs Helps Support Others

Two of the domestic organizations that Liora Manne is involved with are Alfa Workshops and Partnership for the Homeless. One teaches marketable decorative arts skills to HIV-positive individuals and the other helps New York City’s homeless population. She also helps people abroad by providing job training at the factories where her contemporary area rugs are manufactured.

Contemporary Area Rugs: Match Your Individual Style

Often when choosing an area rug, the temptation is to choose conservative colors or traditional patterns, hoping that the conservative styling of the rug will keep it from looking tired after a few years. More often, however, the opposite is true.