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The History of Authentic Persian Rugs

These Persian rugs were made from colorful threads that were woven together to create elaborate patterns. Because of this, it became a way to express the artistic nature of the people and their culture. Every carpet is different from the others and their designs signify the origin of where they were made.

The Poot – Documentary

Here is what Full Frame Documentary Film Festival’s website says about this 42 minute documentary: “In this pure visual treat, stunning cinematography and an ambient soundscape come together to celebrate handmade work in an age of mass-production.”

Rugs of Safavieh

In the last 30 some years, the Safavieh brand has won award after award for its exquisite area rug collections, and has taken the area rug market by storm by regularly bringing out imperishable designs and works of art in some of the finest collections of area rugs ever designed by any single manufacturer.

Area Rugs: India’s Carpet Industry

In the early 19th century, the kashmir area rugs saw the light of the international market, and was considered among the world’s best carpet weaving regions. European companies like The East India Co. took an interest in the carpet industry and established factories there. Thus the process of export began and continues to this day.

Area Rugs Economic History

The area rug industry is dominated by women workers. As men work outdoors to earn money and support the families, the women weave carpets sitting back at theire houses thus providing an additional income to the family. Girls in many countries from the age of ten to twelve years start working in the carpet industry, thus supporting their families.

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Area Rugs, Free Shipping

With the area rug industry growing with leaps and bounds, the aim shifts from only selling the product to creating a new bond between the company and its valued customer, you. Free shipping is one of the most important values that can be added to the selling of a product. Customers love it, and when it comes to be a matter of choice, they will always go for that area rug which comes with free shipping.

History of Area Rugs (Part I)

. In the days of Jesus, sheep was reared, their wool sheared and made into wool area rugs, one or two of which He probably might have used; 500 years earlier, it was not unusual for another such man, Buddha, to sit on a coarse woolen area rug and talk to his disciples. Both were eastern men, and oriental rugs were an important part of the life of the Orient.