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A Look at Traditional Rugs

What is it about some rugs that classifies them as traditional rugs? Using the word “traditional” to describe a rug tells us a lot about it. It implies that this is a quality design with an undeniable elegance. It tells us that the design is of old origin and that its beauty has stood the test of time.

Contemporary Living room Rug

Accentuate Your Space With an Area Rug

It’s far easier to have an area rug cleaned that it is to have a wall-to-wall carpet cleaned or hardwood floors replaced. Either way, a well-chosen, well placed area rug can add a sense of true design cohesion that adds impeccable style and taste to your space.

Persian Carpet and Rugs

The history of Persian Carpet, a culmination of artistic magnificence, dates back to 2,500 years ago. The Iranians were among the pioneer …