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When A Rug You Love Is Back Ordered

You say to yourself, OK, that area rug in the living room is creeping me out. It used to look like a lovely painting years ago when I first bought it but now looks more like a rodent ran over by a semi-truck. So you start looking online and find the perfect rug which you think would lively up that drab floor of yours.

Round Rugs II

If you are going to use the round rug as an overlay, you have to consider the carpet it is going to be laid on. If that carpet is a solid color then you can choose any pattern that will fit in with the scheme of your room. If on the other hand the carpet is a pattern or multicolor then you would be better to stick with a solid color round rug.

Rugs of Karastan

Incidentally, if you are concerned about just how durable the Karastan rugs and carpets really are going to be then just check out their various and impressive warranties. No company is going to stand behind their area rugs to this extent if they were not absolutely positive of the durability and performance of their products as Karastan does.

Kids Rugs

We all want something practical and comfortable which also looks good. We have put together a beautiful collection of designs suitable for almost any girl, boy, from baby to tween/teen.

area rugs free shipping

Area Rugs, Free Shipping

With the area rug industry growing with leaps and bounds, the aim shifts from only selling the product to creating a new bond between the company and its valued customer, you. Free shipping is one of the most important values that can be added to the selling of a product. Customers love it, and when it comes to be a matter of choice, they will always go for that area rug which comes with free shipping.

History of Area Rugs (Part II)

In early seventeenth century, France began producing wool area rugs at Savonnerie in the style of Persian rugs. These were densely ornamented with flowers, and were characterized by architectural framing and mythological scenes. The most famous of these were a set of 105 carpets produced under the direction of Charles Le Brun for the palace at Louvre.

History of Area Rugs (Part I)

. In the days of Jesus, sheep was reared, their wool sheared and made into wool area rugs, one or two of which He probably might have used; 500 years earlier, it was not unusual for another such man, Buddha, to sit on a coarse woolen area rug and talk to his disciples. Both were eastern men, and oriental rugs were an important part of the life of the Orient.

Momeni New Wave Collection

The Momeni New Wave Collection embodies the perfect combination of form and function. These fabulous wool rugs draw inspiration from the 20th …

Area Rug Shopping

Choosing the right color, design and texture is a personal taste. One of the best places to start is by asking yourself …