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Infuse New Life into your Home with Nourison Area Rugs

With the wide variety of rugs on the market, you may feel overwhelmed about where to start looking. Nourison rugs are an excellent choice for consumers, offering a vast selection of styles and designs. These high-quality rugs are made with New Zealand wool, a natural fiber known for its wear, as well as softness.

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Tips on Decorating the Entryway

Make sure the foyer or entrance way remains clutter free. This space is the first impression of the entire home; it cannot clutter. It doesn’t bode well for how the rest of the home looks. Pick items off the floor, scrub dirt and marks off walls and clean floors.

Couristan Rugs

Couristan Area Rugs: Home Accents You Will Be Proud To Own

Couristan Rugs was founded in 1926 and has been managed by the same family ever since. That consistency is part of the reason why the company has been able to keep its focus on providing high-integrity, top quality rugs; without the concerns many publicly traded companies must attend to, it has been able to make its reputation its top priority.

Cambridge traditional karastan

A Look at Traditional Rugs

What is it about some rugs that classifies them as traditional rugs? Using the word “traditional” to describe a rug tells us a lot about it. It implies that this is a quality design with an undeniable elegance. It tells us that the design is of old origin and that its beauty has stood the test of time.


Three Trends in Contemporary Area Rug Design

In keeping with the striking geometric patterns used, many contemporary area rugs are designed in bright, bold color palettes. Striking hues of blue, red, green, yellow and orange, along with their muted counterparts of rust, coral, forest green andmidnight blue are popular color choices for many contemporary area rugs.

The Poot – Documentary

Here is what Full Frame Documentary Film Festival’s website says about this 42 minute documentary: “In this pure visual treat, stunning cinematography and an ambient soundscape come together to celebrate handmade work in an age of mass-production.”

Why some area rugs shed so much?

There are two main reasons area rugs (and wall-to-wall carpets) shed. The first and more important reason is the quality of the fiber used. This issue is not only related to wool fibers but also to synthetic fibers such as polypropylene and nylon as well. The second aspect of the rug which contributes to shedding is the construction of the pile such as hand-knotted vs hand-tufted.

Area Rugs on Sale: Karastan

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Common Area Rug Sizes

The size of an area rug is one the important factors to keep in mind when shopping for area rugs. Here is why the size is important. It provides a boundary and helps with designating certain areas of your space for certain functions; for example, dining room boundary can be easily defined by the size of the rug which is normally about two feet larger than table all around.