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Sphinx Caspian Rugs

Enhance a Home’s Outdoor Living Areas with Sphinx Rugs

Now that summer is here, you’ll unquestionably be spending a lot more time entertaining loved ones outdoors. Thus, you should ask yourself, “Is my outdoor living area ready to take center stage?” If it’s not, consider altering the area’s look with an Indoor/Outdoor rug.

Get your Style on with Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx Rugs come in so many different patterns, colors and styles that make it possible for you to set the mood in any room. Whether you prefer traditionally-styled rugs or the latest trends in modern design, Sphinx rugs offer a wide selection to match any color scheme you can imagine.

The Enduring Beauty of Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is the U.S. division of The Oriental Weavers Group, which is the largest manufacturer of carpets and area rugs in the world. From its founding 40 years ago, Oriental Weavers has buttressed its early success with supply chain autonomy and production technology research. The company’s dedication to the best practices of manufacturing ensures the continued production of the most beautiful, durable, and economical rugs worldwide.

Decorating with Area Rugs (some tips)

Since you will be using the rug as both the main focus point of the room and a guide for additional decorating, it’s important to carefully consider which pieces of furniture and paintings will ultimately compliment the design of the rug. For instance, dark paintings and decorations tend to work well with lighter rugs embellished with simple dark designs. It is also essential to consider the walls. Patterns and wallpaper tend to match best with solid rugs, while plain walls compliment elaborate artwork best.

Sphinx by Oriental Weavers to Cut Prices

Once the reduced exporting costs came into play, Oriental Weavers seized the opportunity to reduce prices as incentive to buyers. The use of polypropylene in rugs has grown significantly over the past eleven years. Polypropylene does not absorb water and is extremely resistant to stains, fading, moisture, and bacteria.

Sphinx Area Rugs

A close look at the impressive collection of Sphinx area rugs at is definitely a feast to the eyes. With a combination of vibrant colors, intricate designs that tastefully combine traditional and contemporary influences and made of the finest fibers available, Sphinx rugs are among the highly-coveted pieces to adorn the modern American home.