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Surya Rug Manufacturer Shows Commitment to Indian Workforce

Surya rugs are no longer simply a stylish choice in floor coverings. Now the company also serves as a demonstration of social responsibility, as well. According to a recent article in Furniture Today, Surya has teamed up with Project Mala in order to provide educational opportunities to the children of weavers in Northern India, where Surya’s factories are located.

Refresh Your Decor with Designer Pillows

Whether you decide to go bright and bold or soft and muted in your area rug, your throw pillows need to stand out. Remember that your throw pillows don’t have to match each other perfectly, but even if some are solid and others sport geometric patterns, the colors should work together. Experiment with the way different colors and patterns coordinate with your furniture and walls.

Contemporary Area Rugs: Match Your Individual Style

Often when choosing an area rug, the temptation is to choose conservative colors or traditional patterns, hoping that the conservative styling of the rug will keep it from looking tired after a few years. More often, however, the opposite is true.