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Choose Wool Area Rugs for Long Lasting Beauty

An area rug is the underpinning of a room’s decor. In addition to color and beauty, it should provide comfort and warmth. In rooms with high traffic, it should also be of sturdy construction that wears well. For many, the simple and obvious choice is a wool rug.

Area Rugs: Wool

Wool area rugs also provide warmth to the room; not only by the feeling of warmth they exude, but also by being non-conductive, they help retain the room’s natural heat. The same quality of non-conductivity also makes them naturally fire-resistant, and provides another reason for selecting a wool area rug.

History of Area Rugs (Part I)

. In the days of Jesus, sheep was reared, their wool sheared and made into wool area rugs, one or two of which He probably might have used; 500 years earlier, it was not unusual for another such man, Buddha, to sit on a coarse woolen area rug and talk to his disciples. Both were eastern men, and oriental rugs were an important part of the life of the Orient.

Area Rug Shopping

Choosing the right color, design and texture is a personal taste. One of the best places to start is by asking yourself …