The Enduring Beauty of Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is the U.S. division of The Oriental Weavers Group, which is the largest manufacturer of carpets and area rugs in the world. From its founding 40 years ago, Oriental Weavers has buttressed its early success with supply chain autonomy and production technology research.  The company’s dedication to the best practices of manufacturing ensures the continued production of the most beautiful, durable, and economical rugs worldwide.

Sphinx Rugs by Oriental Weavers

Sphinx weavers use the face-to-face Wilton method of weaving, which provides greater quality control and versatility of design: “The carpet is manufactured to a tolerance of +15% -7.5% of the relevant standard.  During the weaving process stringent checks, including testing in the laboratory are made to ensure it meets all these specifications.   After the carpet is woven it is then passed to the mending department for hand finishing.”

Sphinx rugs come in many design types including:

Traditional—modern interpretations of classical European or Persian designs. They usually incorporate a geometric pattern or pictorials with floral designs. Among popular collections in this style are Kharma, Generations and Allure.

Contemporary—predominantly geometric patterns with bold colors and lines. They are more architectural or “retro” in feel.

Casual—a combination of Traditional and Contemporary elements.

Southwestern—combine earth tones and geometric in distinctive tribal patterns.

Indicating the success Sphinx has enjoyed in the United States, last August Oriental Weavers announced the early 2013 opening of a new showroom in Las Vegas:  “Oriental Weavers has undertaken a major initiative over the last 12 months building new showrooms or renovating existing spaces in High Point, Atlanta, New York, and London.  The Las Vegas Space will be the fifth new or renovated showroom for the company.”

If you’re unable to make it through the snow and ice to the Winter Las Vegas Market, never fear: Area Rugs Club carries a large selection of Sphinx rugs, from runners to rounds to over-size pieces. And they’re all available for your perusal or purchase from the comfort of your own home, backed by free shipping and our No Risk, Money Back Guarantee. Come visit our online area rug showroom today.

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