The Season for Kaleen Rugs

Changing weather lets us know the time is here to spruce up and make our homes snug for the winter. Thoughts turn to making our houses pleasing and comfortable for the holidays which are fast approaching.


Kaleen Rugs Mystic
6049-57 Papal Salsa from Kaleen’s Mystic collection


A reliable way to dress up your home and give it a cozy feeling is with a colorful new area rug. Kaleen Rugs are available in many shades and sizes which will bring affordable beauty and warmth to any decor. Patterns vary from traditional oriental, to abstract images, botanical designs, and bold, modern prints. These carpets are hand made in time-honored tradition but are now available in different materials to suit a particular use. The most traditional fiber is wool, but rugs are also made from long lasting polyester and durable polypropylene, which is suited even to outdoor use.

When you select a Kaleen rug (now on sale), you not only enhance your own home with a beautiful and durable product, but you also improve the lives of the craftsmen around the world who created the rug. Kaleen uses carpets produced by skilled workers in several countries and has set a high standard for being a good corporate citizen. They are proud to have received the 2013 Social Accountability System Certificate, which sets forth a code of human rights practices – including things such as limiting working hours, providing for employee health and safety concerns, and setting appropriate wages. Additionally, Kaleen does not use child labor. Knowing about these high standards makes you comfortable in choosing a product you will be able to feel good about enjoying for many years to come.

Take some time to look at the variety of rugs available and consider how to add color and warmth in your home as you prepare to spend more time indoors the next few months.

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