Think Spring! Outdoor Area Rugs To Fit Any Style

Spring is coming which means it soon will be time to once again enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. When getting your home ready for spring and summer, consider decorating your patio or poolside seating area using different types of Indoor Outdoor area rugs. The benefit of these beautiful outdoor additions are numerous; most importantly they add style and offer a durable solution to your outdoor entertaining areas.


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When choosing the right outdoor area rug, consider first the location. For instance, if your seating area is exposed to the elements, be sure to choose a rug which uses material with added UV protection. This allows the rug to endure the sunlight without the fading that often occurs due to excessive exposure.

In addition to UV durability, also consider material that will resist stains and be easy to clean if spills occur. If your outdoor area rug will be used to tie together an eating area or bar, choose a rug that can be cleaned using a simple solution and a rag. This will allow you a stress-free afternoon of barbecuing and mixed cocktails.

Next, consider your styling options. Outdoor area rugs are offered in as many pattern styles you can imagine. If you are going for a less traditional look and perhaps don’t want to have a lot going on on the floor, choose a design that’s simple and yet not boring like a tiled pattern by Liora Manne. This type of rug will add aesthetic appeal to any style of outdoor furniture. If your current furniture seems plain, choose a rug with an intricate pattern to spruce up your seating area with a touch of personality.

Arguably the best benefit of adding an area rug to your outdoor seating area is it is a cost-effective way to beautify your home, inside or out. If you are interested in purchasing an area rug for your home’s interior or exterior, please visit the Area Rugs Club.

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