Three Trends in Contemporary Area Rug Design

Contemporary area rugs are the ideal compliment to many other current trends in modern, interior design. If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for your home or office, than consider the following three trademarks of contemporary area rugs to see if the look is right for your home.


contemporary rugs
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1) Geometric Patterns: Many contemporary area rugs are reminiscent of noted painter Pablo Picasso’s bold cubism paintings. The daring designs on such area rugs heavily utilize basic geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles to create an attention-getting conversation piece for your home. Much like Picasso’s work, the popularity of contemporary area rugs for use in creative, interior design remains high.

2) Bold Colors: In keeping with the striking geometric patterns used, many contemporary area rugs are designed in bright, bold color palettes. Striking hues of blue, red, green, yellow and orange, along with their muted counterparts of rust, coral, forest green andmidnight blue are popular color choices for many contemporary area rugs.

3) Intricate Designs: Floral, curved and polka dot designs are also popular trends in the prints used on contemporary area rugs. Unique shadow effects, careful overlaying of patterns and the pairing of various textiles in the rug’s design all combine to create an intricate and beautiful pattern on contemporary area rugs.

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