Three Ways to Distinguish Handmade and Machine-Made Rugs

A very practical matter that comes up when buying carpet is knowing how to tell the difference between a handmade and machine-made rug. It is helpful to be able to determine this by sight. There are three clearly recognizable signs which show the origin of a rug.


The first thing to notice is not the main body of the rug, but its fringe. Look to see if the fringe is integral to the rug or is merely a trim added on after the rug was produced. On a machine-made rug, the fringe is sewn onto the main rug. A very neat, even stitching line shows where the fringe was attached to the edge of the rug – this line of stitching is usually easy to see on the back of the rug. The fringe on handmade rugs is different. It comes from the weaving process and is comprised of the warp threads – the coarser strings which were originally strung the length of the loom and had the weft woven across them. The fringe threads, then, go directly into the base of the rug itself and are not added on.



After checking any fringe, consider the rest of the rugs edges. If they are bound with either binding tape or yarn serge over cut edges, this is another indication that the rug was machine-made. The sides of a handmade rug will be smooth finished because these are the sides which were simply the outside warp threads. These outside edges are frequently comprised of more than just a single warp thread, a distinction that shows on close examination of the fringe.


Finally, flip to the back of the rug and look carefully at the reverse of the stitches. Machine-made rugs will show perfectly even knots and straight lines of pattern with no discernible variation. Handmade rugs, on the other hand, will have wavering lines and little discrepancies in shading, thickness, and coverage.

Using these three distinctive lets you know exactly what sort of rug you are looking at. For more help in choosing the best rug for your needs, feel free to contact us or if you are ready shop for area rugs online.

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