Tips on Decorating the Entryway

There are many articles to decorate the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  The entrance way or foyer is something we haven’t thought about.  When you walk through the door what is the first thing you see?  Here are some Tips on decorating Entryways or foyers.


area rug entry
Make sure the foyer or entrance way remains clutter free (photo credit: Witt Construction)


Storage is the main thing a foyer needs.  A nice dresser or table on the side of a staircase or on the right/left side of the door is perfect.  There’s plenty of space for mail, keys and other go-to items.  A storage closet near the front entrance is great for coats, shoes and bags.  Add a shoe rack for shoes and more coat racks for purses.  An alternative to a coat closet is a coat hook.  Add a basket or bin on top of the dresser for more storage space.

Decorate the storage space by adding a rug, lamps, flowers, mirror or artwork.  Adding a rug underneath storage space brings its own touch to the entryway.  Make sure the rug fit nicely around the space.  Lamps provide elegance and class.  It’s both beautiful and functional.  Add one or two to the foyer.  Great alternative for when you don’t want to turn on a bright light at night.  Flowers bring joy and happiness after a long day.  Add fresh or fake flowers of your choosing.  A mirror is great to hang above the storage space to make it feel larger.  It’s also great for last-minute checks to look flawless on your way out the door.  Artwork above the storage space brings style and personality to the foyer.  It’s a great conversation piece.

Most homes have lights near the front door, but for the ones that do not, adequate lighting is a priority.  Lights outside and inside near the door is a great idea; plenty of light is more flattering than a lamp.  In addition to the storage space, rugs also work at the foot of the door when you walk in.  Runners are great for hallways and for creating a walkway toward the next room.

A place to sit is necessary to take off and put on shoes.  Many of us take our shoes off while we hop on one foot.  A chair, stool, ottoman or bench will do wonders.  If you have the space, choose a chair or bench.  Lack of space users can choose between an ottoman and a stool.  Some ottomans double as storage space so keep this in mind.

Make sure the foyer or entrance way remains clutter free.  This space is the first impression of the entire home; it cannot clutter.  It doesn’t bode well for how the rest of the home looks.  Pick items off the floor, scrub dirt and marks off walls and clean floors.

The foyer sets the mood for the remainder of the home.  Guests walking inside of your home will see the foyer, living area and nothing else.  You will see the beginning of an awesome living space. The best results will make you feel good about leaving and coming home.

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