What are the most common area rug mistakes?

Two Same Exact Size In The Same Room

Placing two area rugs of the same size and shape in the same room has the effect of less space. The trick is to subdivide the floor using different rugs with different sizes, which has the effect of creating an extra dimension to the room.


Wrong Color

Choosing the wrong color area rug is also a common mistake. This should seem axiomatic since a rug should complement rather than clash with the décor and walls of the room where it is located.


Layering With Clashing Colors

Layering area rugs is yet another pitfall that people decorating their homes can fall into. Certainly layering can enhance the beauty of a room if done properly. But one must make sure that the rugs are the same shape, that one is smaller than the other, that their colors contrast but do not clash, and that both rugs do not clash with the rest of the room. One trick is to select a neutral color for the larger, base rug.


Choosing Wrong Material

Choosing a rug with the wrong materials can also be a problem. Some people like to save a little money by choosing an area rug with cheaper materials. This can turn out to be a mistake in the long run as the rug becomes worn and tattered. It is best to pay a little more for an area rug made of durable, natural fibers and increase its useful life.


No Rug

Finally people can make the mistake of not having an area rug at all, but just showing the bare, wood floor. Such a room can seem incomplete, not to mention a little more uncomfortable to walk through. An area rug completes a well decorated room, in other words.

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