Why some area rugs shed so much?


There are two main reasons area rugs (and wall-to-wall carpets) shed. The first and more important reason is the quality of the fiber used. This issue is not only related to wool fibers but also to synthetic fibers such as polypropylene and nylon as well. The second aspect of the rug which contributes to shedding is the construction of the pile such as hand-knotted vs hand-tufted.

Almost all rugs shed when they are new and the better the rug, the sooner the problem of shedding cease or at least becomes very minimal.


A wool rug seem to shed more compare to a synthetic rug and the reason is wool costs a lot to produce when it’s done right. Many manufacturers try to keep the cost of production to minimum to be able to compete for mid to lower markets. Wool is truly a nature’s miracle. There are so many good things to be said about it (learn more about wool rugs) but to have a premium quality fiber, the wool has to go through several processes which could dramatically raise the price of the rug. One of these processes is combing which effects the shedding in the final product. The combs have long metal teeth which are used to remove the short and broken fibers. Worsted wool piles are the best in terms of quality and they don’t shed or very minimally, but expect to pay more because this process is costly and the pile can be found in high quality rugs as well as in some expensive Tuxedos.

Do you know what to look for when shopping for area rugs?



Most rugs are made by two methods: hand-knotted and hand-tufted, and there are some less used techniques such as flat-weave which is used in Dhurries and Kilims. Hand-knotted rugs shed less with help from the way they are constructed. Each pile is securely knotted to the foundation with no room to move, however hand-tufted rugs do not offer the same pile security as there are no knots to hold the pile down securely. This make it easier for the pile to get pulled out and create shedding by normal traffic.

Learn About The Fiber of The Rug You Plan to Buy


How to reduce shedding of your area rugs:

The first thing to do is not to buy very cheap rugs as they are normally made of very cheap quality fibers and there is really no way to stop them from shedding.

To reduce the shedding, follow these steps:

1- Vacuum your rug daily for the first 10 days when you just buy it. Be sure to have the height lever of your vacuum set to High as some powerful vacuums might actually damage pile especially hand-tufted rugs. Don’t rush the process. Move the vacuum slowly to allow the suction to pull out loose piles.

2- Wipe your shoes well before entering the house. The sands stock at the bottom of your shoes can get into the pile and as people walk over the rug, these sand act like sandpaper and break the pile which ads to shedding.

3- Vacuum your rugs at least twice a week after the initial daily vacuuming.

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