Get your Style on with Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx Rugs

When it’s time to spruce up your tired decor, turn your attention to the floor. Giving a room a new look can be a snap when you start with a new area rug and because you can revitalize your decor without having to buy new furniture or completely re-decorate, it’s also easy on your budget. Of course, every room must reflect your personal style while making a statement.

Sphinx Rugs come in so many different patterns, colors and styles that make it possible for you to set the mood in any room. Whether you prefer traditionally-styled rugs or the latest trends in modern design, Sphinx rugs offer a wide selection to match any color scheme you can imagine.

Traditional These rugs are crafted in rich colors and tradition Persian and Asian designs. They work well when used directly on hardwood floors, but you can lay them over a wall-to-wall carpet just as well. Generally, these rugs have one or two anchor colors in the design, but their intricate patterns may incorporate many more hues. For this reason, it is not necessary to match them exactly to room colors, but it is easy to find a pattern that picks up the colors of the decor and blends with them.

Contemporary Whether you are looking for the soft, muted comfort of rugs created with over-dying, bold geometric patterns or the hottest trends in over-sized florals and native southwestern designs, Sphinx offers exquisite styles and colors that will give new life to any room.

At Area Rugs Club, we offer a wide selection of these finely-crafted Sphinx rugs.  For information on how we can help you redecorate with area rugs, contact us.

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